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4 methods to make a payment

  1. Pay at the check-in kiosk with a credit card

  2. Pay at the front desk with a credit card.

  3. Pay online (Use the instructions below to set up and make an online payment.)

  4. EFT- Automatic withdraw from a credit or checking account.

Online Payment Instructions


Please click on the button above to make an online payment.

Follow the on-screen instructions and register your account. (The instructions are also listed below).

You will need your Tuition Express ID number and Registration ID#, which you can obtain from the NGLC office.

If you have any questions, please stop by the front desk or call 954-713-7001 also you can email by clicking here.​

Follow the on-screen instructions to register your new account (Instructions also provided below)

If you have not yet registered click the Register Here link (left side) to set up your account:

  1. Enter the Tuition Express ID number.

  2. Enter your Registration Code. 

  3. Create a Username and Password, confirm the Password, and click register.

    • Hint: Forgot your username or password? Just re-register.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process

Making Online Payments

  1. Log in to the portal

  2. Indicate your payment method (Credit Card or Bank Account)

    1. For Credit Cards:

      • Click the select-a-card drop-down list to choose an existing card or Enter a New Card. For a new card enter the information and click Save Card. If no cards have been set up you'll automatically begin at the "new card" screen

      • Once the card has been selected enter a Payment Amount, choose a Requested Processing Date (lower right) and click Next.

      • Confirm the amount, card being used and processing date then click Submit Payment (or Back to make changes)

    2. For Bank Accounts:

      • Enter a Payment Amount, choose a Requested Processing Date (lower right) and click Next.

      • Confirm the amount, account type, and processing date, and then click Submit Payment (or Back to for any changes).


Online Payment History
To check the status of online payments and view a history of recent payments click Online Payment History (left side).

Email Notifications
Choose to receive email notifications from your child care provider if/when payments are automatically collected from your bank account or credit card.

  1. Click My Profile (left side).

  2. Enter or change your Email Address.

  3. Check the box to Receive Notifications and click Update.

To print a report like a Payment Summary or Transaction Receipt

  1. Click Reports (left side)

  2. Select a report from the drop down list.


Account History
To see which credit cards and/or bank accounts have been set up for automatic payments (does not include parent initiated online payments)

  1. Click Account History (left side).

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